Vendor FAQ

What is the Laissez Fair Vintage Market?

Laissez Fair is a bi-annual vintage market held in Austin, TX. This event is designed specifically to give vintage sellers an opportunity to connect directly with their ideal customer. We strive to include a variety of vendors who offer customers a wide breadth of vintage styles. This event is heavily promoted to shoppers who truly love vintage goods in order to give everyone the best market experience possible!


What are the requirements to be a Laissez Fair vendor?

To be a vendor you MUST sell vintage goods. 90% of your inventory being sold must be vintage.

Examples: Vintage clothing, accessories, jewelry, records, home decor and furniture (secondhand or re-purposed).


When is the next event?

Our Spring market is Sunday, October 27, 2019 at 11 AM – 4 at Native Hostels.

Native Hostels
807 East 4th Street, Austin, Texas 78702


How do I apply to be a vendor?

Vendor applications for our Fall 2019 market open on August 1st, 2019 and close on August 31st, 2019.


Should I charge sales tax?

You are required by Texas law to charge sales tax.

Austin Sales Tax: 8.25%


Is there a dressing room?

Yes, we will have 2 pop up dressing rooms available for shoppers. Additionally, there are 2 restrooms (men's & women's) on site with multiple stalls each. If you have a portable/pop up dressing room that can fit in your allotted space you can set that up, but it can not impede on anyone else’s booth or the walkway.


Does Laissez Fair provide rolling racks?

No, vendors must provide their own rolling racks and any other racks needed.


Can I decorate my booth?

Yes, we encourage you to set up your booth to uniquely reflect your brand. Your are welcome to get as creative as you’d like with your booth presentation as long as it fits within your allotted space.


Can I bring signage?

Yes, it’s strongly encouraged and is the best way to let anyone who comes by your booth know who you are. You will have to provide any materials for setting up your signage.

NOTE -- We have been asked not to attach anything to the walls at the venue. You may hang merchandise/signage but it must be done in a creative way that does not alter the condition of the walls. No command hooks or drilling will be allowed.


Is there a central cash wrap or does each store handle it’s own sales?

Each vendor handles their own sales, cash, bagging, etc.


Do customers pay with cash or card?

We encourage that vendors be able to accept both, but it is up to the vendor as to what form of payment they want to accept.